Tips & Tricks


Know Your CPU Temperature.

How To Change Xp Boot Screen.

Remove Windows Genuine Notification.

Tired Of Chasing Mouse Use Keyboard Shortcuts.

Speedup boot up By Defragmenting  All Key Boot Files.

How To Login As Administrator If You Dont See It. 

How To Parse Adsense Code.

How To Keep Your Pc From Crash And Virus Problem (Very Useful).

Windows Xp calc Why It Happens??

 Bush Hid The Facts Why It Happens??

Xp Games Cheats.

Remove Blue Color For Icons.

Open Recycle Bin from Cmd.

How to Change Your Default Web Browser to Mozilla FireFox.

For Safer and Faster XP Close Unwanted Services.

How to Change Default Media Player In Windows.

How to Roll back Vista Sp2 to Sp1.

Disable Animation Window in Xp.

How to remove Recycle bin from desktop

How to Increase Virtual Memory in Xp.

Shutdown in 3 sec Using Task Manager.

How to know ipaddress of your connection. 

Creating a Simple Shut Down Virus (for educational purpose only).