Friday, June 25, 2010

How to Change Or Remove Xp Boot Screen.

Firstly, you have 2 options.... 1) Turn off the splash screen 2) Change the M$ (Microsoft) splash screen to one of your choosing.
1) There are a few ways to achieve turning off the splash screen.
You can use Tweakui  Using this tool is a good quick way of being able to turn on and off the splash screen. Once Tweakui is installed go into your control panel Start/Settings/Control Panel and double click Tweakui. Then click on the Boot tab, and uncheck "Display splash screen while booting" and click OK.
Another option would be to edit your msdos.sys file. To do so click Start/Programs/MS-DOS prompt.
In the MSDOS prompt window type

attrib -r -s -h C:\MSDOS.SYS
then press Enter.
This is to allow you to edit/write to the file as otherwise it is Read-Only. Then type
notepad C:\MSDOS.SYS
then press Enter.
Notepad will now load with your MSDOS file ready for editting.

Look for the line "
LOGO=1". If it is there to turn OFF the splash screen simply change the 1 to a 0 (zero).

If that line isn't there just below the line [Options] add

Save the file and then return to your MSDOS prompt window. Then type
attrib +r +s +h C:\MSDOS.SYS and press Enter. This restores the file permissions (Read Only etc.) that you had changed above.

2) Changing the M$ splash screen.
Start by opening Windows Explorer and click View/FolderOptions from the toolbar, and select ShowAllFiles and click OK. Then make sure you are in the root directory C:\ and look for a file called LOGO.SYS

If it is there rename LOGO.SYS to something like OLDLOGO.SYS so you can keep it incase you ever wish to return to using the M$ splash screen.

Now you're going to need to create the new splash screen for you to use. The new image has to be a bitmap image
*.bmp with 256 colours and 640x480 pixels.

Then resize the image to 320x400 because the Windows boot process wil stretch your image to the required above dimensions (640x480) and save the file as LOGO.SYS and save it in the C:\ directory.
Then reboot and enjoy your new splash screen.


  1. Sorry, dosn't work :(.

    1. hey once try with Tweakui it may resolve your problem