Tech Updates

First Indian Rupee Symbol:
TVS has announced launching of a keyboard Gold Bharat that has the Indian Rupee symbol on it. The symbol was recently unveiled by the government and there were speculation about who will include he symbol on keyboard to type the symbol.
Finally, ending your wait, TVS has become the first company to launch a keyboard to come with the new Indian Rupee sign. TVS decided to launch the keyboard on the eve of India’s 63rd Independence Day.
The Gold Bharat keyboard is capable of supporting up to 50 million strokes per switch. It has a very light touch operating force of 60 + 15 cN. TVS adds that the keytops are etched by laser and are wear resistant well. It is mechanical in nature and is claimed to be highly reliable thanks to its 200,000 hours mean time between failure ratings. The keyboard supports both USB and PS/2 interfaces
The Gold Bharat keyboard will be available to you at Rs.1, 495.

Orkut Server Hacked:

Many people on Orkut receiving scraps form their friends with words “Bom Sabado!”. The word “Bom Sabado” means “Good Saturday” in Portuguese. This is a Worm which has attacked the social networking service . Orkut is very popular in Brazil & India, Orkuteers scrapbooks are getting flooded with words “Bom Sabado“.

The Bom Sabado worm flooding scrapbooks and also it seems to be adding affected Orkuteers to new Orkut groups. Orkut Officials and Security Professionals advised users not to Log in Orkut until they clean the Worm. Orkut has updated it’s features 3 months and it’s not the first time Orkut got affected by this kind of Worms.

Tip:If you’ve logged into Orkut, Just clear you cache/cookies and change your Orkut password asap from it.