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If you are happy with your installation of Windows Vista SP2 (UPDATE: go here if you are not), you can remove the files, stored on your computer, that will allow a roll back. I only recommend this if you are looking to save space. With hard drives as big as they are today, I see no need to remove these files unless you are below 10% free disk space on your operating system’s partition.

Removing Installation Rollback Files

To remove the files needed to rollback to SP1:

Press Winkey+R (Start, type run, press Enter), type compcln.exe, and press Enter.

Remove SP2 Rollback Files 1

When prompted, press Y and then Enter.

Remove SP2 Rollback Files 2

The SP2 rollback files will now be deleted. If you didn’t remove the files after the installation of SP1, you’ll save even more space.

How Much Space Can You Save?

I performed a cleanup after install Service Pack 1; if you did not remove SP1’s files, you will save more space than me. However, I still saved approximately 300MB — depicted below.

Free Space Before

Files 3" title="Remove Windows Vista SP2 Installation Files to Save Space">

Free Space After

Remove SP2 Rollback Files 4

So, if you need the space, go ahead and run the compcln tool and remove those unneeded files.

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