Saturday, October 2, 2010

How to hide folder or file in different ways

In this tutorial ill show how to hidden your files or folders , There are many ways to hidden your folders but here ill show some interesting methods:

Method I:
This is the most common method used to hidden files 

Step 1: Select the folder you want to hide and right click and select properties a new window opens when you click on properties and then in new window select "HIDDEN" and click ok you can understand by seeing images

Step 2: Next go to tools and select folder options and select view tab and there select "DO NOT SHOW HIDDEN FILES AND FOLDERS"
and click apply thats all your folder is hidden

Method II:

This method is some interesting to hide file but must be careful 
some times you may also cant find the folder

Step I:Select the file you want to hide and click on properties and select customize tab and there select change icon and select the folder box which looks like white space and select ok

Step II: And now we have to remove the folder name for this select folder and select rename and then hold your alt tab and press 0160  (only num pad)  thats all your folder is without name

Method III:
 Hiding folders using command prompt

Step 1:First see in which drive your folder you want to hide is present (like f:/,c:/,d:/ etc..)

Step 2:Next open command prompt (start>run>cmd) and then type cd/

Step 3: Next type the drive where your file you are going to hide is present (see below pic)
 Step 4:Here type attrib +a +s +h folder name and then hit enter your folder will be hidden and if you again want to see the folder type atttrib -a -s -h folder 

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