Monday, July 19, 2010

Download StyleJuke box

Style Jukebox Features:

Easy to use
Style Jukebox user interface is very organized and intuitive so that you may immediately access your multimedia library. All the features are split Between Now Playing, Library and Style Studios and navigating between them is very easy. Alpha 3 version contains only Library. We are looking forward to deliver the other two components in the next versions of the application.

Manage playback with just a click
We know that you listen to music even when you're working and we made it easier to manage your music library and yet don’t lose Focus from your tasks. External Search displays a window from which you can search the library, change the song or go back/forward. You don’t need to open Style Jukebox to do this. The application can be minimized to system tray so that you can focus on your work. To change the song you just have to press F9 key. It’s that simple. Jukebox also supports by default keyboards that have multimedia buttons. Manage playback with just a click.

Let the Jukebox do the work
Style Jukebox contains a lot of features to make your multimedia library organizing process faster. Folder Watch adds music from your must used folders and modifies or deletes the items depending on the actions made to the files: rename or delete. AutoPlaylist creates playlists from the library based on your preferences and updates them continually to reflect your options. Smart Remove deletes all items in the library depending on different. you can free download Style Jukebox Beta 1

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